WHNA Holiday Lighting Contest

The most successful program we had this past year (2020) was the WHNA THIRD ANNUAL Holiday Lighting Contest and the related “Show-off your home Directory”. That was our best year ever for this program.


If we can find/raise the funds we will have a larger number of awards and more prize money for the WHNA FOURTH ANNUAL Holiday Lighting Contest for 2021. This will be the fourth year we have done this.


Last year we had the best decorations and I believe the largest numbers of Neighbors that Decorated their homes for this recent Holiday Season.


The “Show-off your home directory” was new last year. And it was a great success. We are assured that we will have a better name for this part of the program this year than "Drive-By Directory".


We want to add something new this year that even more fits  this holiday season; if we can make it happen. Maria came up with the original idea, but almost everyone thinks it fits the season. We know there are some homes that have young kids in our WHNA neighborhood that do not have available funds to do any exterior holiday decorations.


If we can raise the funds, we will set aside some funds to buy strings of exterior holiday lights. It will not be fancy, but it will be lighting decorations that will help brighten some homes. I will do my best to raise some funds specifically for this project.


We need our neighbors to help locate neighbors that have one or more young kids and have not done any exterior lighting decorations in the past. We believe this would help brighten up our WHNA Neighborhood as a direct effect of the season. We need all of you to help us make this happen.

We will need the funds for this by December 1st 2021 to get the Light Strings put together and the list of homes to provide these Holiday Decoration Strings for.