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WHNA Holiday Lighting Contest                  and DRAWING

One of our most successful programs we had this prior year (2022) was the WHNA FIFTH ANNUAL Holiday Lighting Contest and the related “Show-off your home Directory”. That was our best year ever for this program.


We now have the funds available for our WHNA SIXTH ANNUAL Holiday Lighting Contest. Contestants must enter the contest to be eligible for prizes. The Lighting Decorations are judged by the WHNA Board Members. Board Members and their families are not eligible for prizes.

Prizes will be awarded as Hy-Vee Gift Cards. This year we will have 5 prizes:

     1st Prize          $150.00

     2nd Prize         $125.00

     3rd Prize          $100.00

     4th Prize          $  75.00

     5th Prize          $  75.00


Judging of the decorations will begin December 21st to December 23rd and viewed sometime between 6:30 and 9:00 pm. All judging will be done from the street. The Judges will not enter onto your property.

Last year we had the best decorations and I believe the largest numbers of Neighbors that Decorated their homes for the previous Holiday Season.


There is no cost to enter the contest. To enter send your application in the contact us section of this website. Or email your application to Or come to our WHNA Neighbors Meeting on Monday December 11th 2023 at the South Union Elementary School Library at 6:00 pm and you can register at that meeting.

NOTE:  We are also having a drawing that includes all contestants that were NOT Prize Winners for their decorations.

All homes entered in the contest that were not Prize Winners will be entered into the drawing. We will have a random drawing for ten homes that decorated and entered our contest but did not win a top prize award. 

The homes that are selected in the drawing will each be award a $50.00 Hy-Vee Gift Card. This is to show our appreciation for their decorating efforts that made our neighborhood more enjoyable for all the rest of the Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association neighbors.

Thanks all for your efforts to make our neighborhood brighter and more festive for the holiday season.


To enter the Contest and Drawing; We need your contact information: email and/or phone number; Home's address. A picture of your exterior decorations is desired but NOT required to enter for the drawing.

NOTE: You can send the application information now and email me a copy of a picture of your decorations later.

Have fun,


(515) 287-1976

Click below for the Contest Entry Form

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