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Block Grant Challenge

This is an exciting, expanded program where the city of Des Moines has partnered with Invest DSM. The BCG Program works to strengthen Des Moines neighborhoods by encouraging groups of neighbors to work together on exterior improvements to their properties.

Teams must be from 5 to 19 neighbors working as a team and can obtain a 50% reimbursement up to a maximum for $1,000 per team member for a team 5-9 or up to $2,500 reimbursement per each team member for a team more of 10 or more.

This program is designed to improve "Curb Appeal" in a neighborhood.

I just finish participating in an Informational program with Heather Tamminga regarding this Block Grant Challenge. This is an exciting program. The biggest problem is that you need to form a team to participate in the program. The program has several procedures and plenty of rules. DO NOT be discouraged by what you see at the website link shown above. If you and/or a couple of neighbors near you are considering doing some exterior project(s) on their home. Contact me. I will help step you through this entire program. Limited funds are allocated on a first come/first serve basis. Talk to me soon.


(515) 287-1976

 To View some of the successful projects from 2022 click on the following link.

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