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Lead Poisoning

If you do not know when your home was built, you can check on the Assessors Website for that information; or send me an email with your home address and I can email the year built information back to you (based on the County Assessor's database records).

  My Email for Dave Johnston

Other areas you need to qualify for to obtain paid assistance:

1. You need to be the homeowner or landlord in Polk County.
2. Mortgage payment, utilities and taxes are all current.
3. Home must be constructed prior to 1978.

1. Have a child under the age of 6 living in the home.

2. Have a child under the age of 6 visiting your home at least sixty hours (60) in the entire year. That's an average of 5 hours per month.

A homeowner or the tenant must be willing to relocate while the repair is performed. If Temporary relocation is needed, cost will be paid by the program.

No higher than 80% of Median Family Income based on the total number of people in the family and income. See Chart Below.

1 Person          $55,200
2 people           $63,050
3 people           $70,950
4 people           $78,800
5 people           $85,150
6 people           $91,450
7 people           $97,750

NOTE: These are the current household income limits to qualify for this program. Your household total income must be below these published income limits to qualify for the program.

To learn more or to apply for assistance from the Polk County Health Department,

                            Call (515) 286-2115

Click on the link below for more information:

Click on the PDF file above to view the Polk County Health  Department's current Lead Hazard Repair Program brochure.

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