To the north: Park Ave;     To the south: McKinley Ave;
To the west: SW 9th St;      To the east: South Union St;
Click PDF below to view WHNA current boundaries
Click PDF below to view WHNA boundaries of Newly Added Area
To the north: E Park Ave;     To the south: E Watrous Ave;
To the west: South Union St;      To the east: SE 5th St;

Anyone living in this proposed area is welcome to participate in our WHNA events and projects. We currently are holding monthly WHNA Neighbors Meetings live at the South Union Elementary School Library (rm 201). This costs you nothing to participate. We have had a unanimous vote of Neighbors from the proposed area to join our Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association.

We understand the City Council voted their formal approval of this Boundary Expansion at their meeting Monday evening, April 18th 2022.

Welcome to our new WHNA Neighbors.