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Meetings Schedule

Our next scheduled WHNA Neighbors Meetings are listed below:

Monday October 16, 2023
Monday November 13, 2023
Monday December 11, 2023
Monday January 8, 2024

All meetings are in the South Union Elementary School Library (room 201), begin at 6:00 pm and complete by 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm latest.

There is NO COST to you to attend our WHNA live Neighbors Meetings or our WHNA Board Meetings following the Neighbors Meeting. We always try to address issues of importance to our neighbors. We often have Support People from the City to provide updated information related to their areas of responsibility.

Our WHNA Board Meetings follow immediately after the conclusion of the Neighbors Meetings. The Board Meetings are open to anyone that wants to attend.

The AGENDAs below will be for the upcoming meetings.

If you have any questions; please Call Dave (515) 287-1976 or email with contact info and I will call you.


The PDF files below are a copy of the AGENDA for the Monday, October 16, 2023 WHNA Neighbors Meeting.


The PDF file below is the AGENDA for the WHNA Board Meeting immediately following the conclusion of the WHNA Neighbors Meeting.

 If there is no PDF, the AGENDA has not yet been set.

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