A Word From the President

NOTE: Our Featured Speakers from the American Red Cross at the August 29th 2022 WHNA Neighbors Meeting are more than just talk. They both have recently returned from two-week Red Cross special missions:

Rob Wisniewski (Disaster Program Manager) is just recently back from Puerto Rico because of damage from Hurricane Fiona.

Mark Novak is just recently back from Florida because of recent damage from Hurricane IAN.

See what they are doing to help WHNA right now:




H.U.D. has provided substantial funding to:

the Polk County Health Department.

Lead Poisoning can cause permanent brain damage in young children. Repair assistance is now available!

The high risk is in homes built before 1978. The highest risk of lead poisoning is in homes built before 1960. 

Unfortunately, that is about 3 out of every 4 homes in the Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association area. 

If you and your home qualify, the inspection is free to learn if your home has a lead poisoning risk. The Risk can be repaired AT NO COST to you.

NOTE: Click on the link below for more information:

Latest News

Click on the address below to link to our latest info link to the McKinley Avenue Reconstruction Closure.

NOTE: The Closure has been moved back to now start during the Spring/Summer of 2023.


Great News

Click on the address below and you will be able to go to a Federal Government website to request FOUR (4) Free Home Testing kits for Covid to be delivered to your home.