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Holiday Lighting Contest Entry Form

Holiday Lighting Contest Rules

Objective:    In a small way we want to encourage and support our neighbors’ participation in the festive holiday lighting tradition of the Christmas season. We believe whatever Holiday Decorating is done is enjoyed by most all in the neighborhood.

We want to publicize within our neighborhood the special decorating efforts many of you do and have done. If the response from the neighbors is positive we will consider this our Second Annual WHNA Holiday Lighting Contest. Enjoy!

To Enter:      There is no entrance fee to enter the WHNA Holiday Lighting Contest.  YOU MUST notify us prior to December 15th 2019 that you want to enter your decorations into the contest and provide us your name, street address, email address and telephone contact number. Please enter as soon as possible. You can enter by completing and submitting the Holiday Lighting Contest Entry Form above.


Judges:          The seven WHNA Board Members will be the judges deciding the winners of this contest. None of the Board Members or their family members are eligible to win prizes. The judging will be done sometime during the period from December 15th through December 25th of 2019 and sometime between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm. The judging will all be done based on decorations visible from the street. Pictures will be taken of all addresses entered into the contest.

We hope to post on our website the prize winners and, if possible pictures of all decorations entered into the contest. 

Prizes:           First Prize is $100. Second Prize is $75. Third Prize is $50.

Limit – one prize per household.  Judges’ decisions are final. Prize winners will be notified and prizes awarded before December 31st 2019.  Winners will be announced and pictures featured on our website as soon as possible.


We hope the entire neighborhood is a winner from the enjoyment of the Festive Holiday Lighting decorations available for all to enjoy.


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