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Working for Free and Loving it

Author Unknown

It may be tough to work into your schedule, but donating your time can bring benefits you might not imagine. The right connection can help you reduce stress, discover new friends, learn something new, and enhance your career.


Volunteering just has a way of making you feel better about yourself. It comes from knowing you’ve given of your time and expertise to help make life easier for others. This attribute is vital to the act of volunteering— because you’re responding to others in need. You are in position to cultivate a sense of purpose. However, the act of helping doesn’t have to mean longterm commitment or more time than you have to give.


Researchers tell us there’s a connection between volunteering and happiness—aka the “feel good” factor. Being a volunteer, they say, increases your odds of being more contented than those who do not lend a hand.


Volunteering also increases your relationship to community, while making an impression on those around you who are younger. You’re in a position to share, allowing your social skills to be tested and increased. Ties are strengthened, which improves attitude—and overall well-being

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