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WHNA Board Goals

     At-large Board Members: The following briefly describe projects or issues that this board would like to address in the coming year. We believe that each and all of these issues would be beneficial for our neighborhood association.
This is an ambitious program. To have any chance of realizing these goals we need additional board members that are willing to take on one or more of these issues as their own. We need new board members to actual research how we can most effectively provide benefits to our neighbors relevant to their selected area of choice and then to shepherd these into sustainable programs.

Projects, issues or goals 
Fund Raising – Sponsors/donors for WHNA:  We also will have a section on the website for sponsors/donors providing financial support for our neighborhood association. The sponsors/donors will only be able to list their name(s) and address or business name and address. To qualify as a donation to a non-profit, they will not be able to advertise or promote their services. We are projecting that these will be grouped and listed based on the financial amount donated for the year. They will be listed for the September to September year in the Website page where we list and thank the sponsors/donors.
We need someone to make contact with potential sponsors/donors and convince these people/companies to be a sponsor/donor.
The president, Dave Johnston, will be available to work with this person to provide a sales effort to convince them to be a sponsor/donor; or any other support that may be helpful in obtaining sponsors/donors.
Fund Raising – Grant Applications:  We currently have funded most of our operating costs under Grants from the SBA and from Community Betterment Grants provided by Polk County.
We need someone to concentrate their efforts on locating potential governmental grants and/or private organization grants. Often it takes substantial effort to locate grants that are available and the procedures to make a viable application for the grant.
The ideal situation would be someone willing and comfortable in spending the time needed for researching what is needed for the grant application and all the steps needed to complete the final grant application.
There may be some additional follow-up work to complete a grant performance evaluation report when the grant money has been used.

Future of Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association
We have only been in existence since August of 2017. I have seen many ways we have and can help our neighbors. Some require only a small effort from us; others are much more involved but we have still been able to see positive results.
I have attended one or more meetings with most of the south side neighborhood associations. I have attended some board meetings for these same neighborhood associations. I am convinced the single most important factor in having a productive neighborhood association is having an active Board committed to improving the neighborhood for all our neighbors.
We also need a substantial mix of people on the board and on committees with different backgrounds and experiences and with members from all age groups.
I am convinced an active and productive Board of Directors will result in an active and involved membership from our neighborhood. I believe we have taken several steps to move our Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association forward. We need the participation, input and help from all our WHNA neighbors for the BEST results.

Thank you,
Dave Johnston, President,
Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association

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