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Greetings, and welcome to the website of Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association.


The purpose of the Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association is to enhance the quality of life and value within our area.


We extend a heartfelt welcome to all our neighbors. We work to make our neighborhood a friendly, helpful and safe place to live.

A Word From the President

Hi WHNA Neighbors:

The COVID-19 Virus has forced all of us to make several changes. We are unsure when or where we will be able to safely hold an in-person meeting again.

We have officially been notified by Lieutenant Larry Davey of the Des Moines Police that the "National Night Out" event scheduled for Tuesday October 6th 2020 has been cancelled. This was delayed and then cancelled because of safety concerns because of the Covid-19 virus threat. They hope this event can be back to a regular schedule for next year on Tuesday August 3rd 2021.

We have recently converted to the Zoom Pro version which eliminates the 40-minute time limit imposed on the free version.  There is NO-COST to you to participate online in our WHNA meetings. You will need to download the free Zoom App to either your computer or smart phone. 

We are going  to have our Third Annual Holiday Lighting Contest for this year's Christmas season. Last year's winners are posted on this website. There are some changes in the judges for this year. If you are going to have an exterior lighting decoration show for your home, be sure to enter into our Third Annual Holiday Lighting Contest. it costs nothing to enter and there is some prize money awarded to the top three winners.

This year, if you give us permission, we will list your address as a home lighting decoration's contestant.  We will promote your home and decorations on our website. This will likely give you an opportunity to "show-off" your decorating skills and ideas. It will also give our neighbors from the entire WHNA association area a chance to enjoy the impressive Holiday Lighting decoration efforts many of you make.

Our recent WHNA neighbors Zoom Meeting was Sunday September 13th 2020 at 6:00 pm. We were very lucky to have scheduled Jamie Fitzgerald to be our featured speaker. He is from the Polk County Election Board. With all the "misinformation" surrounding voting options, it was nice to have someone with factual information regarding the laws and rules for our area speaking to us. This was especially important for all the different rules regarding Absentee Ballots shown on the news.

Jamie did an outstanding job. He answered all our questions clearly. He was willing to handle all the follow-up questions until we understood what he was telling us. His main final statement was "However, you vote, be sure to VOTE."

Our normal Support people of Joel Van Roekel from Parks and Rec and Josh Raleigh from the Neighborhood Inspection Department were online with us at this meeting.  Both were linked-up with us on a normal time-off and willingly gave use updated information.


For both Joel and Josh from all of us, "Thanks for your efforts on our behalf."


We are currently sending out Zoom Invites only to neighbors that have requested an invite. We are doing this to insure that we will be able to handle a meeting and insure the number of participants does not get too large to be workable. If the Invite requests gets too large, we will begin having two WHNA Zoom Neighbors Meetings per month. 

We will be having a WHNA Special Zoom Board Meeting on Sunday October 4th at 5:45 pm. This will be a concentrated effort to address special goals and/or projects we have for the balance of this year.


We have scheduled our next WHNA Neighbors Zoom Meeting on Sunday October 18th 2020 at 6:00 pm. Guest speakers and Agenda has not yet been finalized. Keep checking in on this site for latest updates.

Send me a request for an Invite if you would like to attend this meeting.  Email me at  president.WHNA@mediacombb.net   or call me, Dave Johnston (515) 287-1976. Or contact us through this website.

We will email an Agenda for the meeting a few days prior to the meeting. Zoom Invites to the meeting will be emailed within 24-hours prior to the meeting.

Please make sure you have provided us with your current email address and phone number. If we have an email address we can and will keep you updated. You can update us through the comment section of this website. We can keep you updated with events in our area.

The Covid-19 Virus has caused changes. But we are not staying idle. We have several changes we are working on. We will be doing our best to keep you informed and to provide you with needed and important information. If you want to know "what's going on in your neighborhood?" This is the place to check for the facts.

Thanks to each of you for your participation, Stay safe and stay well,


Update to Community Betterment Grant for 2020

 Early this year we were notified that the Polk County Grant Program had been put on hold. This was the result of the Covid-19 effects on Prairie Meadows and Polk County in general.


This left us without any of the funds we had projected for several planned projects. Most all projects were understandably brought to a halt. 

The Covid-19 problem created many new and more important funding needs throughout the entire Polk County area.

We very recently were advised that we would receive a substantial reduced amount but receive some Grant funding. Under the circumstances of the Covid-19 created problems and needs; we felt very grateful to receive any funding. 

We appreciate the efforts of the Polk County Grant Program, the entire Polk County Board of Supervisors and with special thanks and appreciation to our own 5th District Supervisor, Matt McCoy.  

WHNA Modified By-Laws passed by Vote Oct 14th 

We have recently incorporated our Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association. We have also filed with the Internal Revenue Service and obtained a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt designation.  This should make our fund raising efforts more productive. This will make funds donated to our association fully tax deductible. Most serious funding sources will not consider donating to an association like ours unless we have that 501(c)(3) designation.

Our neighbors in attendance passed by a unanimous "Yes" vote to approve our WHNA Modified By-Laws at this neighbors meeting October 14th 2019 at 6:00 pm.

Click on the PDF file below to view the full 6-page WHNA Modified By-Laws that were adopted.

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