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Greetings, and welcome to the website of Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association.


The purpose of the Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association is to enhance the quality of life and value within our area.


We extend a heartfelt welcome to all our neighbors. We work to make our neighborhood a friendly, helpful and safe place to live.

A Word From the President

Hi WHNA Neighbors:

Ten of Our WHNA Board Members were able to find time and make the effort to view in person each of the Holiday Lighting Decorations  entered into the WHNA Third Annual Holiday Lighting Contest. It was more ENJOYMENT than DUTY doing the judging this year. All of the contestants clearly made a major effort and obvious creativity in celebration of the season. The results were impressive. 

We suggest any WHNA neighbors that have not yet visited these decorations, will find the time well spent to take a tour before the lights are turned off for the year.

Many of the decorations that did not win a prize could easily and fairly have been a prize winner with a different set of judges. There were many impressive decorations to view this 2020 year. Also, this was the first year I saw Decoration Lights movement made in sync with music. Some of the decorations you need to roll your car window down to get the full effect.


WHNA Drive By Lights 

This year we added a new feature of a Decorations Drive-By Lights list. This is separate from the Contest and there are no prizes or awards.  We will promote your home and decorations on our website. This will likely give you an opportunity to "show-off" your decorating skills and ideas. It will also give our neighbors from the entire WHNA association area a chance to enjoy the impressive Holiday Lighting decoration efforts many of you make.

The WHNA Holiday Lighting Contest Drive-by Lights list will be updated daily or whenever we have a new picture and address to post to the webpage. NOTE: We need you to provide us a digital picture of your decorations taken at night. We will post your picture to our database with your address. There will NOT be any names posted. The picture and your address will be the only info posted to the Drive-By List. That Drive-By list and pictures will be featured on our Website. Anyone that requests a lists of the addresses can contact me and I will email them an updated list of the addresses featured.

NOTE: Every one of these properties pictured on the Drive-By List provides an interesting picture. However, each and every one of these decorated properties is MUCH MORE IMPRESSIVE when viewed in person after it gets dark. Take time to drive by and view them when they are at their most impressive. Enjoy.

Providing these Holiday Lighting Displays are usually an enjoyable effort for the people putting up the decorations. Their efforts and the events of other neighbors driving by to view the decoration all have Very Little Covid-19 Risk. Enjoy, Stay Safe and Stay Well.


WHNA Modified By-Laws ratified by Vote December 16th 2020 

Our neighbors in attendance via Zoom at the Wednesday December 16th, 2020 at 6:00 pm had an opportunity to vote on the proposed new WHNA By-Laws. There was a Majority Vote to Ratify the Proposed New WHNA By-laws.

The major changes to the New WHNA By-Laws were (1) to expand our Maximum number of WHNA Board Members from 12 to 18; and (2) to treat actions and/or votes taken online with the same status as if conducted in person. 

Click on the PDF file below to view the full 7-page WHNA By-Laws that were ratified at the December 16th 2020 WHNA Neighbors Zoom Meeting.

The PDF File immediately above is a Copy of Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association Modified By-Laws Voted on and Ratified at Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association Zoom Meeting of Wednesday, December 16th 2020.

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