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Greetings, and welcome to the website of Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association.


The purpose of the Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association is to enhance the quality of life and value within our area.


We extend a heartfelt welcome to all our neighbors. We work to make our neighborhood a friendly, helpful and safe place to live.

WHNA Modified By-Laws passed by Vote Oct 14th 

We have recently incorporated our Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association. We have also filed with the Internal Revenue Service and obtained a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt designation.  This should make our fund raising efforts more productive. This will make funds donated to our association fully tax deductible. Most serious funding sources will not consider donating to an association like ours unless we have that 501(c)(3) designation.

Our neighbors in attendance passed by a unanimous "Yes" vote to approve our WHNA Modified By-Laws at this neighbors meeting October 14th 2019 at 6:00 pm.

Click on the PDF file below to view the full 6-page WHNA Modified By-Laws that were adopted.

A Word From the President

Hi WHNA Neighbors:

WHNA for the second time had an online Board Meeting conducted with Zoom on July 26th 2020.

The COVID-19 Virus has forced all of us to make several changes. We are unsure when or where we will be able to safely hold an in-person meeting again.

We have completed a major research effort regarding methods where we can conduct our meetings through our computers and/or smart phones.


We have successfully tested online link-ups with Zoom for our WHNA Board Members.

We held our first online WHNA Board Meeting on Monday, June 1st at 6:00 pm. We had a quorum. All Board Members in attendance were linked in with video and audio to the entire group. There were a few problems but we are now comfortable that we will be able to effectively hold our WHNA Board Meetings on line.

I believe we would be able to conduct our WHNA meetings from our homes or anywhere else. It would require a smart phone or a computer with a Webcam and Microphone to fully participate in the meetings. However, I believe limited participation would be available without all that equipment but we are in the learning process.

We have today converted to the Zoom Pro version which eliminates the 40-minute time limit imposed on the free version.  There is NO-COST to you to participate online in our WHNA meetings. You will need to download the free Zoom App to either your computer or smart phone. 

We hope to be able to conduct our normal WHNA neighborhood meeting online soon. Since we are conducting the meeting online from homes we have more freedom regarding when we can conduct the meetings.

Keep checking on this website. I will be updating the site with all the latest information. Be sure to check this site before going to the school for any normal WHNA regularly scheduled meeting. It is unlikely that we will be holding any "in person" meetings at the school while the COVID-19 is still such a problem.

We anticipate that we will conduct two neighborhood meetings in August; one meeting on a weekday evening and one meeting on a weekend early evening. If you have any preference for a time and date give me a call and I will send you an invite for the appropriate meeting. (Dave Johnston (515) 287-1976).

Please make sure you have provided us with your current email address and phone number. If we have an email address we can and will keep you updated. You can update us through the comment section of this website. We can keep you updated with events in our area.

Thanks to each of you for your participation, Stay safe and stay well,


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