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  Why Do WHNA?

WHNA is short for Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association.

WHNA will hold a vote to see if your neighbors want to become part of the WHNA. All in the proposed area are welcome to attend a meeting on Monday, March 7th 2022 at 6:00 pm at the South Union Elementary School Library to attend and vote.


What is a Recognized Neighborhood Association?


A recognized neighborhood association is a group of people who identify with a common area, who share common goals and concerns, and who meet the standards of neighborhood recognition. Recognized associations represent the position of the collective neighborhood and provide input to City Council, Boards and Commissions and City Staff on issues affecting neighborhoods.


The Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association is not a homeowners' association. You do not need to pay fees to participate. The association does not affect property values


What is the role of a Recognized Neighborhood Association?


Neighborhood associations play a key role in building community, sharing ideas, and working cooperatively to make their neighborhood a better place to live. To do this, recognized neighborhoods:

     * Conduct regular meetings to share information or discuss topics of neighborhood interest.

     * Organize events or activities that engage neighbors socially.

     * Promote leadership and volunteerism within the organization.

     * Receive official communications and notifications from City departments on a variety of programs, services, and development activities that directly impact the neighborhood, and share information with neighborhood residents.

     * Provide input to the City Council, Boards and Commissions, and City Staff on issues affecting the neighborhood.

     * Provide input on new and existing City programs and services on behalf of the collective neighborhood.

What are the benefits of a Recognized Neighborhood Association?

Recognized Neighborhood Associations receive the following benefits, but not limit to:

     * Receives an official certificate of recognition from the Mayor and City Council, as well as annual recertification to maintain recognition status.

     * Priority by City Leaders and Staff for attending regularly scheduled neighborhood meetings. For ad hoc meetings or special events, recognized neighborhood associations will also receive priority by City Leaders and Staff over non-recognized neighborhoods or groups.

     * Priority given for use of City Facilities according to department policies and City Code.

     * Opportunity to participate in the Neighborhood Revitalization Program, such as but not limited to Spring Cleaning to Reduce Urban Blight (SCRUB), Neighborhood Based Service Delivery, Neighborhood Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program (NIRP), Neighborhood Finance Corporation (NFC) lending, and other planning services.

What are the Goals of Watrous Heights Neighborhood Association?


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