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  WHNA 2020 Drive-By Lights

Please be considerate of your neighbors. DO NOT Intrude on their property and do not touch any decorations. 

Some of these decorations are truly impressive. All were prepared with pride and a sense of the season. Much of this was done for the enjoyment of you their neighbors.

Our WHNA Board Thanks all of our neighbors that decorated for the season. Enjoy. Have a Happy Holiday Season. Stay SAFE and Stay Well.


111 Emma Ave

608 Leach Ave

Leach Ave

McKinley Ave

301 McKinley Ave

Miller Ave

228 Miller Ave

pHilip St

515 Philip Street

604 Philip Street

607 Philip Street

Rose Ave

319 Rose Ave

SW 2nd St

3213 SW 2nd St

SW 3rd St

4517 SW 3rd St

SW 5th St

4002 SW 5th St

4105 SW 5th St

SW 6th St

4613 SW 6th St

4706 SW 6th St

SW 7th St

4007 SW 7th St

4305 SW 7th St

4311 SW 7th St

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